I've got an old level 20 cleric that was created and played to 20 a couple years back. It's gear is woefully dated, but I've got ~400kpp between a couple characters. I'm wondering what I should look at buying/questing for.

Armor: Fullplate of the Defender
Ring 1: Greater False Life
Ring 2: Ring of Balance (the named one, not a +x skill item)
Boots: Stider 30%
Gloves: Dex 6
Shield: +5 Heavy steel with Heavy Fort
Belt: Con 6
Cloak: Resistance 4
Trinket: Voice of the Master
Neck: Shiona's Pendant (Potency 48 Wizardry 6)
Helm: Minos Legens (20 hp, Heavy Fort)
Goggles: Tier 2 on it's way to Concordant Opp (Wisdom 6, other random stuff)
Bracer: Chaosgarde

Weapons: +5 Icy Burst Pure Good, +3 Weakening Pure Good

I have in the vincinity of 300kpp to spend. What do I need to look at? So far, I know that I need:

A high devotion/implement 1hander
A high ardor clicky
A high impulse/implement 1hander
A high impact clicky
A high light/implement 1hander
A high brilliance clicky

What else do I need/is easily replacable/upgradable?