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    Default Hey soooo hows about a lil flash reset to the quest logs?

    Come on man, just a simple reset at 25. Or 28 whatever ur jacking the cap to. I mean i'm feeling like amrath here. Lv 18 and your faced with farming out god awful quests for xp. The only problem being you need these same quests after cap to keep leveling an ED.

    I mean is it so wrong that I just have select quests I like to mindlessly farm again and again and again and again and again? And no, flippn rusted blades and impossible demands are not said quests lol.

    And also while you at it can we get those missing quests in there? And looong shot I know but flavor of the summer or not their ain't no joes up in streets man. I don't know if they're taking a long leak, or if they od'd in nwo or what but my guild died and im lonely lol. Hows about some cross server grpage?

    For some reason that just feels like the germans opening pandora's box though. I mean if a half alive server can generate that kind of hang I could only imagine what plugging em all in with an extension cord could do heh.
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