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    Smile DDOGamer: More Fun With Astral Shards

    Has anyone figured out the Shard Exchange yet? Not me, although I keep trying.

    Have you? Got any tips?

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    IMHO, the main factor in regard to ASAH pricing is perceived Astral Shard value; in that it's difficult to determine. Much like Bitcoins, Astral Shards have yet to find stability which breeds uncertainty in the market. There's no accurate way of measuring a Plat=TP=AS exchange. Like you, I've been using a ballpark figure of $0.06 per AS, but that is an educated guess at best. Given all the ways and means of acquiring Shards, that number could vary wildly by individual player. Until there exists a more definitive means of assaying Shard value, I don't foresee a marked decrease in ASAH pricing volatility.
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