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    Default Could be a goodbye, or maybe a see you later

    Due to real life reasons i may be constricted to stay out of ddo, and maybe the whole internet. This could be only two weeks, 1 month or more.

    Hope to see you soon in the game and if you manage to meet Ungood, Katz or Lollitta say ciao to them for me

    P.s. sorry, this is not a rant/ragequit/hate turbine thread.

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    Phemt, we've played before - perhaps as a commando halfling or in Defenders guild? I remember you being a solid/fun loving player. Hopefully you can work the real world issues out and come back. I have had to cut back in order to make room in my life. Hard choices. Good luck and hope to see you in the near future.

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    I was hoping this was a "hate turbine" thread. I love the "unique and insightful" things players have to say.
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