Semi-new player here, I played about 6 months ago before RL stuff came up. I played a Paladin then, and having to recast DM so frequently just wasn't fun.

I strongly prefer to play solo, particularly because I enjoy dungeon crawling and taking my time. I'm also limited to 28 point builds. With that in mind, I've been looking at the Pale Trapper and Tempest Trapmonkey builds.

Here are my intended goals:

1) Ability to complete most reasonably soloable dungeons alone (without a hireling) on at least hard difficulty at level without the use of hand me down items.
2) Deal with traps, locked doors, and chests.
3) Be reasonably self-sufficient.
4) Ability to reasonably use stealth as a solution to various problems.
5) Emphasize methodical and deliberate play rather than brute force.
6) Minimal tedium (short duration buffs, etc).

I'm not particularly interested in endgame viability. Just a fun build that tromps through dungeons.

I'm still having trouble deciding between the two builds. I feel like the Pale Trapper is ultimately far more versatile due to being, well... a wizard, but I've always preferred melee classes. As such, I'm leaning towards the Tempest Trapmonkey, but I'm kind of worried that it would be far too squishy to reasonably solo dungeons past level 10 or so.

On another note, I've always preferred gishes (fighter/mage types), but they don't seem particularly worthwhile in DDO (alas, no Abjurant Champion PrC).