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    Smile WTT for Draconic Soul Gem and Mangling Repeaters + random stuff

    So as the title says:
    WTB or Trade for a Draconic Soul Gem (supposedly they are not bound)
    Amazing Mangling Repeaters (Light or heavy) the more amazing the more interested I am in them.

    Also I could use:

    EE Dream Visor
    EE Blue Dragon Helm +3 Ins. Int
    Heal Amp Bracer with Sup. Parrying with an augment slot of some form x2

    I have Otto's boxes.
    I have platinum
    I have some astral shards
    EE Nether Grasps
    EE Manacles of Ceaseless Toil
    EE Steady Handed Armbands
    EE Intricate Field Optics +3 ins. Cha
    EE Intricate Field Optics +8 Cha
    EE Shamanic Fetish
    and who knows what else

    Send tells, mails or messages to Janisis
    Sometimes I am on as Janarch (whose probably getting a name change to Janonk or something ******** like that soon)
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