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    Default please fix my name cut-off on TR

    Okay so last life I purchased a name change parchment to change my name to Crimsoncleave, but now I reincarnated it cut off my name to Crimsoncleav.

    Please fix this back to Crimsoncleave, I didn't buy the name change parchment for nothing.

    Also, I tried to submit this bug in-game but the ticket window is down again.

    - edit: besides this my forum name is still wrong as well, I tried to register as my original name but that was taken, meaning I can't edit my original posts anymore including the book of records that ive been maintaining for several months now.

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    I had this happen too, and I also can't submit in game tickets due to a 404 error problem.

    I submitted a web ticket to Store customer support and after a couple emails back and forth they added a free name change certificate to my inventory so I could rename myself.

    I wish they would fix that bug, very annoying.
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