I try to make characters that can take care of themselves - WF Arti, Pale Trapper, Light Monk, Cleric Dill Half Elf, etc. Now I want to try a Rogue, because I want to experience the art of being "stealthy" for a change (but still do traps too). I also solo a lot, so I'm thinking Rogue will be much harder/slower than monk in this regard.

I have 32 pt builds and Vet 7, so I just made a level 7 Half Elf Fighter Dill Rogue Assassin. I went 14 STR, 16 DEX, 14 CON, 16 INT. I want to try the Dex route, using Dex weapons when possible. I have two "Flints" waiting for me in the bank, for example. But I'm already questioning taking the Fighter Dilll, because I'm not sure what its getting me that I really need. I will probably want IC Piercing, for daggers and shortswords and rapiers, so what do I need Fighter Dill for? Should I have taken something like Cleric instead, for healing purposes? Obviously I am also maxing out UMD every level, which would make Cleric kind of pointless at a certain point.

While I really want to do stealth, if I take a hireling with me that pretty much goes out the window, right? I also know that its popular to try and stealth entire quests, but that doesn't help in wilderness areas where I DO want to kill everything. So I need advice on how to either stay alive without a hireling, or how to still enjoy everything a Rogue has to offer but use a hireling at the same time.

I plan on going pure Rogue to 20 and taking Epic Sneak Attack at 21. But I'll also get INT up to mid 20s or more with gear and stuff to help with Assassinate (we usually only play Normal content).

Lastly, a question about feats. Obviously I will take IC Piercing and all the TWF line. But what else" I was thinking about Precision because it reduces enemy fortification. Any other ideas?

Thanks with any advice you can offer (keeping in mind this is a first life character).