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    Default Level 25 guild looking for a stand in leader - Thelanis Server

    I’m looking for someone who will stand in as leader whilst I’m traveling the world of Eberron. I have a small ship with nothing but a Captain and a dirty little Kobold (no offense to honorable Kobolds out there) who doesn’t do much but wag his tail to greet you. The Guild name is Sedition Accord, and you can run it how you want. I’ll be around every once in a while to donate cash for the ship upkeep and to buy a new one once the guild reaches high enough level to make it worth while. You will have full reign to recruit new folks as you see fit, as well as set your own rules. Let me be clear about this, I’m not looking to sell the guild to anyone, I’m looking for a second in command who wants to run the guild as his (or her) own, with financial backing.

    Located on Thelanis Server

    Please PM or reply to this thread if you are interested. Serious inquires only please

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    Consider this a kick start for anyone who wants to start a guild, but doesn't want to spend the time to level it up to 25 and buy it's first ship. This has already been done. I hate to see the guild go to waste. There are no strings attached, no interference on my part... I'll even hand over guild leadership to you if you keep one of my characters on as second in command or at the very least an officer. I see some folks out there with guild levels much lower; wouldn't it be nice to bypass all the super low level stuff, and get access to guild vendor goodies? Well, here's your chance.... Send a message or reply

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