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    Default 30 Money Refund Policy?

    Hello Turbine.

    It is customary in most retail stores to offer a period of time in which a customer is allowed to return a product and receive a refund of the purchase price. Often that period is 30 days.

    Are you all still within your 30 day return window for vBulletin? If so, have you considered returning it? Think quick, before the time limit expires. It should be obvious by now that it's not working for you all. And with no posts from any turbine representatives in a week (as far as I can tell), I'm thinking you all are not making much progress in getting it to work. So, again, is it time to just get your refund? ...then you could go back to the previous forums you were using?

    Changing your mind, and reversing yourselves on the forums would not be a horrible thing...really. Now, if, IF you could actually, really, truly, sometime in the immediate future get this new forum system to work reasonably well, then by all means keep it. But seriously, is that a possibility..getting the new forums working? Again, no posts from you all in at least a week on the subject leads me to being very skeptical, as does 3 weeks of no seeming progress on the troubles.

    Oh, um, and did you all do ANY testing of this new forum system before implementing it? Bugs are part of gaming and programming, I accept that as a layman with limited knowledge. But, well, bugs are one thing...the terrible amount of bugs present in your new forums are another thing.

    I do know that others have posted about the state of the new forum system. I've posted my approval to some of those. Now I'm posting my own, because...well, so far it seems no progress has been made on these new forums, and I'd really rather not see you all decide to leave them as is, as was done with MyDDO (which never had the Beta tag removed from it). So, I post this to keep you reminded that we do want you to repair this new system OR revert to the old, and soon. Don't let us down...more than we have already been let down.

    Sincerely yours,
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