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    Default When does EE become easy?

    Hello all

    I read many posts on the forum that say EE is too easy, not challenging etc.

    It makes me wonder why I find them tough

    I run my Cleric in EEs and find them to be most challenging - I have to be 100% on the ball and concentrating heavily on the bars watching out for those hefty damage spikes, positioning myself correctly to get the best use from aura/ bursts and often keeping renewal going on multiple recpients.

    For me its super intense and I love it.

    I cant see that I'll ever find it easy

    EE still has that "special quality" about it that makes it a thrill to run.

    Is it perhaps a Class thing? ie.. is it essier to run a Fighter or Barb in EE than a Cleric?
    Or along similar lines - is it a class responsibility issue ie Cleric / FvS feels they carry responsibilty for sucess or wipe?
    Is it just down to player skill or familiarity of constantly running EEs

    By finding EE challenging am I in the minority or is it the norm?

    I just get the feeling that if im not finding it easy then I must be doing it wrong.
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