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    Default VIP status downgraded after Turbine screwed up my account after the recent changeover

    Ok who messed the billing system up... I am betting Bug Bunny has a thing to do with this shenanigans.

    I have always been a VIP right off the bat when DDO:EU went BETA and then flipped over to the dark side when Codemasters pulled the plug.

    I took a break for a few moths recently having been non stop in the game all these years, but renewed back in Feb and was just getting back into the game and enjoying the new content etc... but then I tried logging in last Saturday to find my account downgraded to Premium. Thinking my sub had been declined from my bank I headed straight across to Turbine Account Management and logged in... then I saw the mess ...

    My billing address was half messed up... apparently I now live in the Shetland Islands and my first line of address is the same as the second, of course my sub payment method would never work as the card address and details would not match the screwed up details ... simples I thought, I would just edit the details and set it all back up... great.. errm no.. cos now my email isn't verified (it shows my email in my profile, but now it needs re -verifying --- errmm its not changed in like 8yrs so why???)
    So I re-enter my email address in the "Re-type Password" section and bingo it says my account details have been updated and an email sent which I would need to verify my address back to them.... oh yeah the email came but there is no such verification link back to my account.
    I log back in to check my profile details are ok.. only to find they still show the messed up details, no changes made, cant verify my email address cos Turbine's stupid system doesn't actually send a verification link... I am still a premium account but cant update it ... oh yeah and because of this rubbish I have lost my VIP Turbine Points allocation as well.

    Sent Tickets in and got nothing back from Turbine, so I guess they don't need my VIP subs anymore... but I am NO WAY paying for all the extras toon slots, bank space etc., etc... so either fix this mess or cancel my account and I will go elsewhere!!!

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    Bumped.. cos Turbine cant be bothered to look into fixing this issue.. why am I not surprised!

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    That happend to me aswell!
    My advice is call them asap and they will fix it!
    Thats what I did and it worked right away!

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