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    Default Dark Monkcher with Grave Wrappings. Any reason to ever pull out short swords?

    My 6 Ranger/2 Fighter/12 Monk (Dark) just hit level 21 and I took Vorpal Strikes. I am half elf with Cleric Dill.

    To date I have always been swithcing between the bow and grave wrappings - never pulling out short swords despite good profficiency and bonuses with them. At 12 monk in Earth Stance I think Grave Wrappings are 4d6 each, and I think wraps also attack slightly faster than short swords. Are there any short swords out there I should be looking for that would tempt me away from Grave Wrappings? Since Stunning Fist and Vorpal Strikes don't seem to work with short swords, I'm struggling to see why I would ever use one.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    As you've noticed, handwraps are ~8-10% faster than TWF and some monk atks are unarmed-only, like Stunning Fist, ToD, Vorpal Strikes, and Quivering Palm. About the only reasons I could imagine not using them is if, say, you had a pair of banishers / smiters or maybe for Celestia.
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