My Monday static group is re-forming at L1 and it will be comprised of no-twink, 1st life characters. I plan to play an arcane, non-wf character with some trapping abilities but I can't decide what to roll up. I've done pure artificers, art/rogues, wiz/arts, pure sorcs, pure wizzies, wiz/rogs, and juggernaut variations, so I'm looking for something new and fun that is outside the box. It's a static group, so I don't need some uber, cookie cutter build, just looking for something fun.

Right now I'm thinking fleshie and some combination of sorc/art (14/6? 17/3?) or sorc/rog (18/2?). I've never played a good AA and some combo that involved rog or art sounds interesting. Maybe something like an elf/helf wiz/rgr/rog (12/6/2?)

Anyone have any off the wall builds they've been thinking of or have tried playing that they really enjoyed?