as on Title
my want :

EE Nether Grasps
Globe of true imperial blood auguments

Got for trade :

+4 Dex
+4 Char
+4 Wis
+4 Int

+3 Hearts

EE Items

Ring of stormreaver prop
bulwark of storm fist
Intricate field optics
Dream Visors
Madstone skull
some Wizard Wards

ANY ITEMS with old LARGE GUILD slot /bracers/neck/docent/armours/weapons/rings etc
Raid Bypass Timers
400+ major Pots
ANY scrolls from the game SOS/envenomed /all....
will add more stuff l8r

pm here on in game

Belhir /Belmur/Belharad/Belner/Belmorg/Belnara/Belmuzyk/Belgimp/Belmard/ forgot rest lol