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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoogroves View Post
    The log-out timer being so low, the splash screen not returning you to the forum home when you do log in and the general slower-usability of them makes me less interested in participating.

    It's somewhat harsh, as with level 28 and a new expansion on the way, I'm only passing interested in leveling TRs and in collecting tokens to TR other folks. That's about it for playing too.
    Yeah...given their latest record with bug and updates......and the motu pack...and now this forum disaster... I am not likely gonna spend money on any new packs or point bundles. What a cluster F they have on their hands.

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    I will pick up the slack on the trolling. A man must do what he must do for the good of the community.

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    Default I out-troll you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    I will pick up the slack on the trolling. A man must do what he must do for the good of the community. I also think all clerics exist to keep me healed. Otherwise they should not log on and overpopulate the server. Plus Dual shuriken wielding halfling barbs rule in terms of melee combat against beholders
    I disagree with everything you said. I also think that your demanding that level 2 sorcs must have 900 HP is a sign that you are a filthy elitist and you smell. I don't mean you smell, I'm just sayin though.

    Delete the game and eat a sock.
    Ghallanda - LLEWNDYN 27 Necro Wiz (completionist) + other random uncared for players - Blackmoor Defenders
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    Quote Originally Posted by jandhaer View Post
    Nerf Happiness

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~TuskCouncil View Post
    Forum migration and old threads lost/not easily accessible
    People locked out of their accounts, myself included
    Yes, that's why I hadn't posted in several weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by ~TuskCouncil View Post
    Hard to read
    Enhancement alpha teeming with mind-boggling dev decisions and broken promises
    It is hard to read.

    And that steaming pile of enhancement pass nerf-the-Clerics-so-we-can-have-a-pretty-tree **** really gets my goat. I had so been looking forward to completed PrEs; I wasn't expecting Nerf City with no new PrE at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~redspecter23-A View Post
    Want to sell ribbons for TP (which doesn't go to the charity) instead of giving them out for free? That's a face slap.
    Upgrade forums to a pile of junk? That's a face slap.
    Preview astral shard costs, then multiply by 10? That's a face slap.
    Want to "nerf" Abbot raid loot with no explanation why it's necessary? That's a face slap.

    Really, the only purpose for this one employee is as a common sense checkpoint before you do some of these ridiculous things. Many companies don't need a person to do this, but you really do. This one theoretical employee would reduce forum rage by 97% and increase PR by 74%. You may not even have to pay them as the slapping might be payment enough. Win/win.
    very funny
    and true
    face slap is why forum dead, game dying (dead?)
    i'm just playing cause i like sprinting with my barb/druid/rogue, leaving everyone in the dust
    true neutral poster... note the grey in my 'rep'
    kool-aid in my coffee! YEAH!
    {save me from myself}

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