Seems clerics are under-represented here so I thought I'd share achievements done on my pure wisdom-based cleric. All quests are completed with no hireling, no re-entry and no more than 2-3 mana pots.

Eberron Quests
EE Lords of Dust
This was my first attempt at EE. Done using EA, biggest challenge was Gnomon with his self healing and cometfalls. Required a few pots at the end to finish off Karas.

EE Bargin of Blood
My 2nd EE completion, again using EA. End-boss wasn't difficult, just took forever.

EE Black Loch
Done using Fury of the Wild. Turned out to be quite easy.. to the tune of only needing to use 1 shrine.

Forgotten Realms Quests
EE Impossible Demands
Not much of an achievement, done easily and quickly by killing the priestess under the stairs. Can be done using any ED really.

Unquiet Graves
Fairly easy. Done using EA. It is a lot of fun to use Ascendance to rip undead to shreds in seconds.

EE The Lost Thread
Most difficult part is the library. The trap/puzzle room was tricky and resulted in a death, but shrine was close enough. Done using FoTW.

EE Battle for Evening Star
Overall fairly challenging. No cheap perching tricks used, just careful aggro and damage management. Undead Drow Necros and other undead trash are CR31-34, Turn Undead and implosion worked well here. Drow warriors have are vulnerable to cometfall. Used FoTW.

EE House of Rusted Blades
I don't have a pic for this. But do I really need to?

EE Outbreak
This was fairly challenging due to the pure spike in damage and the red names hitting very hard. If you fight the red named wizard second, he gains very strong regeneration when below 50% health, making him very difficult to kill. Done using FoTW.

Gianthold Quests
Trial By Fury
Everyone solo's this so I figured I do my part. Not difficult, though I died halfway through from getting stuck - didn't feel like starting over so used a free res-cake that's been sitting in my inventory. Can otherwise easily do it without any deaths.