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    With the disappearance of the MyDDO guildpages we wanted to have a new means of letting everyone know what aLiclan is about.

    aLiclan was created on the EU servers in 2006 and quickly became one of the top powergaming guilds in Europe, the guild continues to hit first raid accomplishments after moving to the other side of the pond.

    Among those:
    • First worldwide Reaver on elite.
    • First european Abbot prepatch and second worldwide Abbot elite after patch with puzzles.
    • Shroud first in Europe on all difficulties.
    • Vision of Destruction first in Europe on all difficulties.
    • Tower of Despair first worldwide on Hard and Elite.
    • Master Artificer on Epic, first worldwide on September 2011.
    • Caught In The Web first worldwide on Epic Elite July 2012.
    • The Fall of Truth first worldwide on Epic Elite February 2013.

    The above achievements were thoroughly and extensively organized in order to be successful, the only real obligation for those that are in aLiclan. After all, it is something we have done for many years now and it has become tradition. There have also been solo / duo accomplishments during its lifetime (Solo Titan, Duo VoD, Solo melee Shroud, Solo VoN 6 etc – all at level).

    We have never openly advertised for new recruits. To join the guild, an invitation is given after playing the game with one of our various talent scouts. In the past, permanent members have been recruited over a period of time, making sure they like us and that they fit into the guild, thus there is no trial period or specific procedures.

    Some things that we feel sets us apart from other guilds are:

    1. We do not encourage any form of elitism that might be seen as a bad attitude towards others. This is especially bad for new players trying to see if they like the game and the community – aLiclan still have casual gamers, as well as powergamers, and in the past even roleplayers.
    2. We prefer to use fair tactics in order to complete a quest. Basically any kind of exploitation are against the guild rules.
    3. We take great pride in our loot rules; they have existed since 2007 and were rules that the majority of guilds on the European servers were using anyway.

    Our current guild leader, is Sonofhunta (also known as Crony).


    Some video material:

    1)First Europe Elite Abbot (Level 14 - before puzzles, original abbot version) Oct 31 2007

    2)Solo Titan (Level 16, Ilmer) 8 June 2008
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