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    Default Elite Small Problem

    I'm running my first third-lifer, so trying to keep my Elite streak alive. He's at L7 (well just dinged to 8...), so I was running the L7 Elite Carnival quests, and I'm getting really frustrated with this one.

    Everything's fine and manageable up to the last fight, then the Messenger of Pits just delevels me to death. I have Restoration pots, I have a cleric hireling with Restoration, but he still delevels me faster than I can restore, and faster than I can kill him (as a Tempest Ranger). With only 7-8 levels, it doesnt take long to render me useless for DPS, and not long after that to finish me off, and since hireling clerics dont get Raise Dead till L9, that's it unless I want to buy a Cake...

    Is there any tricks around this, or is the quest just essentially unsoloable at-level? Death Ward is the only way for fleshies to defend against the effect, and the only source of Death Ward at-level is the potion from Necropolis, which requires 5 rare Abbott rings, so a loooot of Necro farming (I have one so far). Or a clicky from Tangleroot, I think, but I dont have that pack.

    I really dont want to have to go through 30 mins of quest each time just to try and "get lucky" with my saves at the end...

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    Cool Flesh Renders Goggles has Deathward Clicky

    You can get the Flesh Renders goggles in Tangleroot quest chain end reward in house P. It has a deathward clicky.

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    Yes, the clicky from Tangleroot is nice ( but it's Bound to Account

    I have checked on DDOwiki. Even if deathward is a lvl4 spell, no low level hireling has it :-(

    One possible tactic would be to use a melee hireling (and a warforged if it is possible) and let him get the aggro
    If he is warforged, he will be immune to de-leveling
    You can also have a summon to get aggro (of course not the ranger summon, but there are some items that allows you to summon elementals).

    Or try to find other players to join you. Just one level 7 cleric with deathward should be enough

    You will face the same problem with quest "Invaders", where beholders loves to chain Dispel/Negative Level/Disintegrate

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    If you have other high level characters you can turn in unused commendations to the cleric NPC in Eveningstar for ml 1 deathward potions.

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