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    Default A rogue may gain a bonus feat in place of a special ability

    Two things I brought up a while ago and now with the level cap increasing again I think we deserve an answer.

    Per the rules you have set up Rogues get special abilities every three levels starting at 10th, 13th, 16th, etc.

    Above 20 we did not get anything at all as far as special abilities. The other thing is as per the PnP rules rogues are supposed to be able to choose feats in place of special abilities which we are also not allowed to do. Listed at the bottom here.

    With the level cap being higher and Shadowdancer being one of the weakest destinies in the game, I think the time has come to revisit these two issues.

    Also, with the new enhancements DDO has elected to take away our only saving grace. Assassinate until much higher levels.

    Shouldn't we be able to customize our characters the way we want?

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    It would be nice if DDO would stuck to the SRD in more cases, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

    I think that your suggestion is best placed in the suggestion forum.
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