I have 4 characters at 20 or above now, but the only raid I ever did was Chronoscope, once.

I'm realizing that I'm never going to get much better gear than I have now without doing raids, but I'm frankly a little worried. Here are all the reasons:

1) Since I can't bring a hireling, I assume I will die (although I try to make self-sufficient characters).

2) Also, 3 of the 4 characters are in a level 36 guild of new players that have ALSO not done raids before, and we're down to just 2 active players anyway. In other words, I don't have any in game friends to raid with.

3) I'm on Thelanis, and when I'm looking at group options, they always seem to be either on elite content or have restrictions to discourage new, first life, non-uber characters. Does anyone do normal content anymore?

4) My characters have less than 500 hit points, which I hear discourages people from grouping.

5) I feel like I'll have nothing to contribute to the quest because I am so new, so I fear I will only make things harder on the others.

There may be other reasons I am hesitant, but these are the main ones. Are there groups out there that run a "Raids for newbies" type of program? Thanks for your help.