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    Smile Bring your own repair seems pretty powerful

    And is something you can't get with a past life.

    Not making any judgements here, just observing.

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    Default Thanks Geoff

    First, agree with your OP, though repair amp gear and other positive energy perks probably need to ramp up pretty quickly for it to affect end game much.

    Second, I'd like to thank you for putting up the only comprehensive Bladeforged review complete with screenshots up on the internet that I could find.

    Everyone else is so busy complaining about them that I couldn't find any info on them without Lam access which has never worked for me.

    So, A+!
    The absurd forum change has forced 'SealedInSong' to become 'TuskCouncil' temporarily.

    Thanks for shaking up the forums until they're unreadable and unusable instead of fixing all the bugs and releasing a coherent enhancement alpha!

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    Indeed, I wonder what big tricks the others will have?

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    While it is a great concept, it has caused balance issues in the game since the day it arrived. In particular for the solo and small party scale.

    Not much that can be done about it however, it is too strongly a part of the game.

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