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    Default Problem: missing graphic effects of dying enemies

    Here is my problem:

    You know the animation when enemies killed by ice damage are turning white and shatter?
    I remember that I *REALLY* enjoyed it back in the game when I was using cold damage.

    Now, after some time, encouraged by this, I created myself ice savant just to hear this sound.

    But... this effect is gone!

    Enemies are falling to the ground surrounded by white chilling mist.
    But they are not turning white and shattering.

    Do you have any suggestion of how to turn it back?
    I would GREATLY appreciate a help



    I have ran "The Misery's Peak" mission to check if I have uvaible this animation.
    Yes I do. There's a part where cult summons ice flensers and during this part their bodies are frozen and they shatter. Same with mind flayer at very end of this mission, being hit by breath of this ice dragon...

    So can anyone tell me how to turn this effect on my ice spells?
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    Default Critical

    I believe the effect may happen only on critical hits that result in death. I could be wrong. I know exactly what you're talking about and its VERY satisfying when it happens

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