So after playing my first life Druid into epic levels (21@ the mo) im eager to do it all again straight away and with something completely different.

I'm thinking an Acrobat Rogue with a bit of Monk (Ninja Spy) and Druid (for Shillelagh and Ram's Might).

A fun build basically as I intend to TR'ing again (I want the 36pt build option) but I will want to cap to 25 at least and maybe farm some gear for my next life etc so I'm hoping you can point out some pitfall so I don't gimp myself to badly ;p.

So for leveling I'm thinking: 1 Rogue | 6 Monk | 5 Rogue | 1 Druid | 7 Rogue

So as to max the value of the +2 Int tome I have. 13 Rogue for sneak attack or 7 Monk for Wholeness of Body?

Stats-wise I have +2 Tomes to all and +3 to Wisdom, I'm thinking maybe:

Str-17 | Dex-14 | Con-14 | Int-14 | Wis-11 | Cha-8

Maybe less Int for 18 Str?

For Skills will I need to invest in Concentration at all with only 6 levels in monk and using q staffs?

Obviously cap Bluff, Disable Device, Open Lock, Search, Spot, UMD. Try to cap Move Silently and Hide. Not sure what else I should ignore or not.

For Feats: power attack, cleave, great cleave, spring attack, imp critical, imp sunder, stunning blow

and bonus monk feats: toughness, dodge, mobility

What you think? Str based qstaff Rogue with sneakiness for funzies decent(?) survivability maybe decent damage (melee newbie here ><) Help a newbie out <3