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    Hello Out There

    My main character is Foveana on Cannith and I am looking for a good group of people to teach me the ropes concerning raids. I want to get to know all of them even the ones no one really wants to play. Shroud is the only raid that I know well at all and it is hard to find raids any more in lfms and especially that I do not know them all that well I hesitate to join any even if I see one posted. Foveana is a level 21 cleric with 2 rogue lives and a barb under her belt. I am not the best cleric but I always do have raise dead and before I do TR I want to know all the raids better so that I can be a better leader for posting lfms and contribute to a more friendly new person experience so that we can lure more serious newbies into the game.

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    I run VON learning raids all the time and if you join any of my raids just let me know you want to learn it and I'll take time to teach you during. Look for my LFMs characters Jeoffree, Empathio, Empathia, Bumpen, Apathi, Buzzbee, Vuthesjing and Moonshyne.

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    Post Definitely.

    I always look for initiative in player ability "well executed performances" as well as ambition so anytime i see ya around for any raids that i do know i would be glad to share some advice and constructive criticism. See you in game!

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