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    Default need help at possible druid builds

    Ok... The story so far...

    I had played a human druid shortly after expansion and had a timeout for several month, now im back and got a lvl 10 druid but i dislike the pure wolf build, i cant splash to monk cause im neutral good...
    Im planning to make a lesser reincarnation to take another path than clumsy wolf, any ideas what i could go for?
    i thougth about a 18druid/1wiz/1figther for 2h battlemage or something like 16druid/2fighter/2rogue if i stay melee
    or a complete spellfocused one...
    Any ideas ? as sidenote, human neutral good with pastlife:Fighter and that should be a TR build

    Would be thankfull for any answers or advices

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    I have a pure druid at 20 and a 7 druid/2 monk. Both are fun to play. For multiclass, monk and fighter are not bad choices, I would not go with less than 17 levels of druid if you splash (for snow slide in winter wolf form).

    If you are at level 10 and bored with the forms you already have, consider you get another at 11 and at 13.

    For a druid, you really need to focus some on melee, some on offensive casting, and some on healing. You will never be as good as a cleric/fvs at healing so going all in there just takes 50% of your potential off the table. Same goes for a purely offensive casting build, you would never be as good as a Wiz/Sorc. But you can DoT enemies, CC mobs, have decent melee abilities, and full self healing, plus backup healing; not many other builds can do all of that. And if you want to, you can easily be primary healer, or primary caster if the party could use it.

    Druids are severely feat starved, so two fighter levels might make sense. Two monk has obvious synergy with Wisdom bonus to AC and evasion, plus bonus monk feats. Basically I would never take another class that did not add feats, and I would probably avoid classes like Wizard, you gain very little since you could not invest in INT and you already have better offensive casting capabilities than a couple levels of that would give you.

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    focus in 1 things, or heal (not a very good one cause you miss a lot of aoe healing spells) or dps (and if its dps, make it melee better than caster)

    buy a alignment change at store (i seem they go for 500 points, its not expensive) and go lawfull neutral. split 16 druid / 2 monk / 2 ranger and go for a juggernaut build or stay pure and go caster.

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