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    Default Is house C really a good starting point for level 15 bladeforged?

    When I rolled my spiky tin can, it felt strange to spawn at house C.

    While it makes sense to exit the manufactory at some place, it's a bit silly that the first few quest givers you get
    a) give access to level 18 quests, while you are level 15.
    b) offer quests where the objective is to kill bladeforged and fight against the lord of blades. Isn't this something a bit risky to give to an obvious bladeforged paladin?

    I think that there should be some more fluff than just the LoB saying "Go out and do heroic stuff!".

    Spawing at a place where you can do at level quests would be appropriate, imho.

    The dialogue options in house C should somehow reflect the fact that you are one of the guys who just wrecked havoc in house C.
    Can this be combined with a hint that the cosmetic blades can be turned off? Eg: With blades on, the patrons will not talk to you and threaten to get security. With blades off, you will be treated like every other WF.
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    LoB is the deity, and it makes perfect sense for them to be spawned there.
    However, you do have a valid point about the level of content.

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    In a place like korthos, or the grotto, the game discourages you from leaving the island until you complete the storyline.

    In house C, there's a teleporter and a giant gate into the marketplace.

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    I agree... maybe a prequel quest series to the current house C line is in order?

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    A brand new level 15 character that does not have an xp pot running,
    could easily shift downward and start by doing Von 1 thru 4 on elite
    for XP and Flagging.

    {Character level minus 6 done first on elite will get decent xp.}

    So its really going to be difficult to dump them into a starting zone,
    as your choice could vary a lot.

    Most are going to want backpack space very quickly,
    hence the "step into the market/harbor and get your basic
    favor will be popular."

    The coolness of being let out in house C by the Lord of Blades trumps imho.

    I wonder if there will be problem with other Iconic characters wanting
    to go back to the harbor for backpack favor from Forgotten Realms
    and then not being able to return to Forgotten Realms?

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    House C is the perfect place for them to spawn for two reasons.
    1 They are Warforged.
    2 The only point for these iconics is farming house C mats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyriasys View Post
    2 The only point for these iconics is farming house C mats.
    They'll make nice bank toons also since you can quickly pick up a bunch of house K and coin lord favor. I plan to make my three mules into iconics which each one specializing in different house C challenge.

    That's more than you can say for druids, the last half completed class.

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