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    Default Review this build please for a second lifer...TY

    obsolete removed ty
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    In my opinion a ranger is better for build that wants to heal via spells and wants to do traps, you not only get free many shot and bow damage but also get enough sklls points for traps, while a fighter needs more intelligence invest for traps and doesnt give manyshot.

    But if you want to try a fighter/cleric splash for self spell heals, i think you are better with a fighter 12/cleric 7/rogue 1, still get fighter second prestige, get cure critical and cure serious wounds, more sp, get a chance to use raise dead scrolls. But think a fighter 12/bard 7/rogue 1 is more suited because you get cure serious wounds and displascement spelll while keeping decent skills points for traps and a lesser inspire courage with warchanter prestige for some dps.

    About the basic features you want on a fighter are: toughness, weapon focus slash, power attack, dodge (if want to be able to take stalwart prestige), Thf line, weapon specialization IC slash, but you will want empower healing and quicken spell too for your heal spells.

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