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    Default Can someone link essential threads to read for new players?

    Looking for some advice for a fairly new player, outside a couple brief stints over the years.

    Must read threads for new players. There is a LOT of stuff around the internet and here but I was hoping someone could condense the list to a group of readings/threads that can get me heading in the right direction.

    Also wondering how the population of the game is these days? I would like to play on a very populated server/shard. Which one should I choose.

    You know, its funny. but dabbling with Neverwinter made me want to come back and really try DDO and invest some time in the game.

    Thanks in advance for advice and guidance.

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    Well, not any more. The forums were recently revised and I cannot even find my proper account. I suppose it will be fixed...

    Things you might try to find which I used to use:

    DJ's Bravery Streak or other threads for fast leveling...

    Pick a class and build and look for some of the iconic build discussions...

    Mr. Cow had some great video walkthroughs...

    Avoid most threads whining about P2W, every update or change dooming the game (note these go back to just after Beta), most threads which come out after an update, etc.

    I used to always read the Dev Posts, but I cannot find those now...

    There are also some guild and alternative sites with great information. Some I cannot mention here...
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