So I'm finally able to log back into these forums, and am still trying to get used to them.. whew!

Aside from all the visual and functionality changes, I am seeing one odd visual glitch on the "New Posts" page -- and nowhere else that I've seen, by the way -- The names of the Forum locations (e.g,. "General DDO Discussion" or "Kyber") of the new posts on the right side are cut in half, so only the top parts of the letters are visible. In addition, the page counter at the top right (where you can navigate directly to e.g., pg 3 of the results for example) is only partially visible as well.

The rest of the New Posts page appears to be fully visible, but I think this is a formatting issue because the New Posts page is also much more spread out for me compared to the other 'regular' forum screens. There might be some spacing issues that is causing part of the text to get cut off like that. I'm using Safari on the Mac, btw.