The path is not designed for min-maxing towards ultimate DPS, and should not be. There are intentional concessions in the design of the path for making sure new players are OK and don't hurt themselves.

For instance, we never want a brand new Paladin player to end up in a situation where they can't cast their spells. This is why they must have a 14 Wisdom: We have to assume they may remove any gear we give them, so this is the minimum we are comfortable giving them.

We fully expect veteran players to be entirely uninterested in taking the path and to produce stronger builds (whether focused on Greatswords, THF, pure Paladin, or trying out some Juggernaut variant). We don't expect veterans to produce *safer* builds, which is important for the path to cover.

With all of that in mind, there are probably still some improvements that could be made in the path, but the goal is to ensure reasonably fun gameplay while averting the worst of the disasters, for players who are most likely playing level 15 quests on Normal.

Paths are not aimed primarily towards veteran players, and we don't expect them to compete on a power-level with the best designs players can come up with.