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    So I bought the Underdark expansion thingy on Steam, after finding out I can't enter the key in game or anywhere on the DDO page, I went to through the Asheron's Call page, only to find my "home" where all my game accounts and subscriptions are supposed to be, blank. I logged in and out multiple times making sure I was using the right account (I only have one master turbine account AFAIK anyway), and it definitely shouldn't be blank as I have accounts for every turbine game with lots of upgrades and an active subscription to AC1 (to play the AC2 re-beta). I tried to enter the key anyway and got an error about an invalid code, likely because there's no "subscription" to attach it to. If I log out and enter the key in the "wizard," it correctly shows it's the Underdark expansion and tells me to attach it to an account, but if I type my account in I get a blank white page and nothing happens.

    I notice there's planned store maintenance in a couple hours, so I'm not sure if my issue is a temporary problem or not. The last time I logged into that page was over a month ago and it was working fine then. I don't want to open a ticket or call if everyone is having this issue right now, I've only been trying for an hour.

    Edit: Was indeed temporary. Few hours later the info was back and I was able to apply my codes and cancel my AC1 sub.
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