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    I went ahead and ran the 3 new quests we have access to on a newly made bladeforged and i would just like to share my experience.

    Each quest is in Eveningstar, level 15 worth 5/10/15 purple dragon knight favor with no epic version available at least so far.
    The quests were simple, 1 protect the NPCs quest and 2 search and destroy, all very linear.

    Disciples of Shar - base xp 3.5k~
    you seek out to kill the disciples of shar, pull a few levers in what i would almost call a puzzle (pro tip: pull all the levers), kill a few more disciples for an optional and chest at the end, open a secret door for more loot and another optional then keep on the path to reach 2 end bosses that i will let you see for yourself, i had a good laugh with that one.

    Escape plan - base xp 1.5k~
    as you begin you protect a guard and some bound prisoners from being let free by some lizards, after a while of that the boss teleports in and takes your valuable prisoner away. it is then your job to go find him again nearby and take your captive back

    Shadow of a doubt - base xp 3.5k~
    first off well done on those shadows, very creepy when i first saw them and they started jumping out at me.
    in this quest you are interrogating a prisoner when shadows appear in the room, kill them and then go outside to see the dock under attack, just follow the stone path and it will take you where you need to go around the docks, once you have made a full path and killed all the shadows and prisoners on the way you return to the starting area to find the end boss

    i didn't find any named loot or optional bosses in any of the quests

    the xp for these quests are really terrible, as well as being in eveningstar so its hard to get to. i doubt these will ever be ran at level if they stay 15

    overall: onceforfavor/10
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    You pretty much summed up my feelings.

    As for art work and quest layout, these were top-notch. I think visually these quests are better than anything in MoTU.

    The animations and graphics on the new mobs was also very well done, I liked the lizard folk in particular and the shadows (While re skinned ghouls) are sufficiently different enough to not be disappointing (I'm looking at you vine thrashers)

    I thought the quests were a little repetitive at times, especially the 1st one, which was nothing more than kill cultist - pull lever - kill cultist, repeat. The other two quests were not very long and were action packed (there seemed to be a lot of mobs, even soloing, which is a good thing). No new loots were found.

    As others have mentioned, the XP was terrible and it boggles the mind (at the moment) that these are Level 15 quests with no epics, when (unless I"m missing something) you can't even get to Eveningstar without running a LEVEL 16 quest chain first. Turbine care to explain the reasoning here?

    But another 45 points of Purple Dragon Knight favor is good.
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    If you get Key to Eveningstar (125 PDK favor) and then TR, you can teleport to Eveningstar at any level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilyaT View Post
    If you get Key to Eveningstar (125 PDK favor) and then TR, you can teleport to Eveningstar at any level.
    agree - so a TR would be able to run these without having to run level 16 chain first.

    However, if we want first lifers to be able to run quests in ascending level order (so 15 before 16) - and specifically Iconic characters - there needs to be a way to skip the Lords of Dust chain (and come back to it) and do so.

    Agree with OP - the shadows are great! freaked me out in Wheloon first time I saw them....

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