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    Default Jinxed Trades

    My Needs:
    Items I am looking for:

    EE Backstabber's glove x3
    EE Bracers of Twisting Shades x2
    EE Nether Grasps
    EE Leaves of the Forest
    EE Dream Visor
    EE Black Helm with +3 STR
    EE Black Helm with +3 CON/+8 CON
    EE Intricate Field Optics with +3 INT
    EE Spiked Boots x2
    DEX 7 Avithol Ring
    CON+Tendon Slice Dun Robar Rings x3

    Items I have:

    Otto's Box

    EE Items:
    Great Axe of the Chained Soilder
    +3 WIS Intricate Field Optics
    Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    Arkat's Cord
    Belt of Seven Ideals
    Steady Handed Armbands
    Jeweled Cloak x2
    Surefooted Boots
    Treads of Falling Shadow
    Bastation Shield

    Random Stuffs:
    Grave Wrappings
    Drow Smoke Goggles x2
    Drow Smoke Cloak x2
    Pale Rod
    Sacrificial Dagger
    Arachic Device
    Staff of Necromancer x2
    Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (+8 STR, +3 STR, +3 CON)
    Spider Spun Caparison (+8 DEX, +8 DEX, +3 WIS)
    Spider Silk Robe (+8 INT)
    Stonedust Docent (+8 WIS)
    Drow Qstaff (10% Tendon slice)
    Drow Scimitar (Stun 10)
    Planar Focus of Prowess (+3 CON, +3 DEX, +8 STR)

    My Scroll List:
    Moranon Belt x3
    Silver Concord Cloak x4
    Docent of Grace
    Dragons Eye x2
    Hammer of Life x2
    Helm of Mroranon
    Ironweave Robe
    Kundarak Delv Goggles x2
    Kundarak Delv Suit x4
    Kundarak Ward Bracers x2
    Azure Necklace x3
    Crimson Necklace x6
    Silver Concord Ring
    Ruby Gaunts x2
    Silver Necklace x5
    Stonmeld Armor

    Blademark Docent x5
    Chimera's Crown x7
    Chimera's Fang
    Deneith Chain x2
    Elyd Edge x2
    Jidz Tet'ka x2
    Midnight Greetings
    Winter's Wrath x2

    Antique Greataxe x2
    Big Top x3
    Brimstone Verge
    Ringleader Fullplate x4
    Garos' Malice x2
    Illusionist Garb
    Kron'zek Cruelty x3
    Comedy Mask x2
    Tragedy Mask
    Phiar Mirror Cloak
    Phiar Spy Dagger
    Shimmering Pendant
    Elemental Ring x3
    Utility Vest x3

    Red Fens
    Mire Boots x2
    Cacophonic Verge x8
    Elder's Focus
    Frozen Plate x4
    Gloves of Claw
    Venom Necklace
    Raven's Sight
    Raven's Talon x3
    Venom Ring
    Dissonance Robe x2
    Sacred Band x2
    Sacred Helm
    Shaman's Band x3
    Shaman's Beads x3
    Shatterbow x4
    Siren's Belt x5
    Siren's Charm x2
    Twisted Talisman

    Diabolist Robe x3
    Diabolist Docent
    Time Sense Goggles
    Hellstroke Axe x4
    Hellfire Crossbow
    Infested Armor x4
    Staff Natt Gann
    Timeblade x2

    Web of Chaos
    Bow of Silver Flame
    Doublecross Bow
    Luminous Truth
    Templar's Bastation
    Templar's Justice

    All Sands of Menechtarun Scrolls

    +3 Tomes:

    100 Major Mnemonic Potions

    Other Stuffs:
    Mad Lute x2
    Daggertooth Belt
    Ethreal Bracers
    White Dragon Helm x2
    Black Dragon Helm
    Blue Dragon Helm
    Boots of the Innocent
    Ring of Unknown Origins
    Belt of Seven Ideals
    Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    Docent of Quickening x2
    Large Collectable Bag
    Large Ingredient Bag

    Upgradable Stuffs:
    Dampened Shatterbow
    Souleater x2
    Dampened Greatclub of Scarag x2
    Dampened Robe of Dissonance x2

    Upgraded Stuffs:
    Vampiric Stonedust Wraps
    Any Sentinels of Stormreach item upgraded

    Menechaturan Stuffs:
    Tourney Armor x2
    Vambraces of Innerlight x3
    Vulkroom Fighting leathers x2
    Vulkroom Devrish Robe x2
    Robe of Fire
    Silken Mail
    Cape of Roc
    Ring of Baphomet x2
    Bejeweled Letter Opener x3
    Golden Greaves x2
    Dynastic Falcata x2
    Staff of Inner sight
    Sirroco x2
    Deftness Bracers
    Hynea Claw Necklace
    Unkor's Cleaver
    Spiked Turban

    Also have PP and Raid Timer Bypasses
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