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    Default Dwarf Barb/Fighter 18/2 TR build

    I am planning on my next life being a Barb life, I intend to use a Stone of Experience so levels 8~16 are not an issue. However, I have played either monks or casters. So I am looking for some basic advice, I will be a Dwarf with starting Str and Con maxed, I have +2 tomes for everything and a +4 tome for con on the character. I am thinking, THF line, Power Attack, ImC Slash, Cleave, and G Cleave are my must haves that leaves 2 feats left which should I go with; Toughness, Stunning Blow, or Improved Sunder. I don't plan on spending much time north of level 20, I might play around just to give it a shot, but my intention is to get the Past Life feat.

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    If you're just going for the past life feat then go straight 18 barb(for FB3, big power boost) and hang around there until you're capped. I'd suggest human since it would be better for self healing and incoming divine healing(heal amp) and allows you a damage boost that can be parallel with sprint boost. If you really want the extra feats from ftr splash, I'd just go 12barb/4ftr/2rog or the like. Heavier splashes also enable better self healing.

    Speaking of self-healing, if you have access to SF pots, I'd stock up big time.

    pa, cleave
    great cleave
    imp crit

    In that order.

    As to the stone, if it's the Otto box stone, I'd make sure to ask a friend that has access to the 5% ship buff to let you grab it, make sure you have Voice of the Master on, and get the highest XP elixir you can. They all affect the xp you get from the stone. (and if you're talking about the MOTU stone, it might affect that too, I don't know)
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