Calling all newer players…

Looking for an active guild of friendly players to call your home? Monarch is a guild of vets and new players alike that are friendly and helpful. We believe in giving newer players a chance to learn the game in a positive environment where everyone’s development and learning needs are met. We strive to eventually be able to help newer players become acclimated to the game to be able to be productive in lower, mid, and high-end content.

Some key features and advantages of joining up with Monarch:

  • Robust and well thought out guild website
  • Setting up scheduled training sessions
  • Access to raid and event calendar
  • Consolidated game resources and walk throughs
  • Helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable officers that are dedicated to working with newer players
  • Access to Mentor Forums
  • Guild Crafter
  • Guild Bank
  • Personal Blog
  • Airship with applicable amenities (when appropriate levels are attained)
  • Positive and productive environment
  • Build assistance and advice
  • Be part of a growing community of players that enjoy playing together
  • DRAMA free environment
  • Mature gamers
  • Multi-time zone environment (players in USA and Europe)

If interested, goto to complete an application. An officer will contact you in-game to answer any questions you may have.

See you in-game!