This will be a melee TR character that will end up as a juggernaut or the 12/6/2 Ranger/Fighter/Rogue TWF trapper it is now, in the end. I just need some advice on epic lvl gear. I still need to grind out all of my ED's and would like to have decent equipment for those lvl's each life. So mainly what I want are lvl 18 - 23 items, low epics and lvl 21/22 named as well as a lvl 25 end set.

So far I have only come up with a few of the items I had planned to use and they are all replaceable if someone knows of better gear for the slot.

lvl 23 Treads of Falling Shadow
lvl 23 Bracers of Twisting SHade
lvl 23 Nether Grasps
lvl 22 Hide of the Goristro (+10stun not sure of which stat to get)
2 x lvl 24 Royal Scimitar
lvl 24 Jeweled Cloak

Not really sure where to go from here or if there are much better items for these slots, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks