All I can say, is that if someone has a guildy in quest and they want to pass to that person first, I have no problems with that.

Guildies are more important than puggers, as they are your in game "family" so to speak, and you would always try to put your family above a random person on the street.

For me:

Can I use it and do I want it? (has to be yes on both accounts, not gonna loot a pinion on a barbarian, even if I am gonna TR.....other people can use it now, although I don't especially care if someone takes an item for a TR) if yes then loot it.

Is there a guildy who can use the item AND wants it in the group? (yes on both accounts, not gonna pass it to a guildy who can't use it) if so pass to them.

Then I put it up for roll.

If this is selfish, or if you think it is wrong to show favouritism to guildies, I'm not especially bothered.....these people are essentially my family, and I shall treat them as such.