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They do on my server, so what you've said here is obviously utter nonsense or wishful thinking. On your server it might be different, but I seriously doubt it, policing and enforcing it would be a full-time job.
Then go back to your server. This doesn't happen here, in ARGONESSEN where we don't give a **** about what happens on the other servers. You might want to check where you are posting again. Lol, thanks for the laugh thou.

It's not me with utter nonsense and wishful thinking. It's you that are making generalizations. "My server's large guilds sell raid loot so, of course, even on your server they do so". Please

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We aren't allowed to name players or guilds on the forums, you should know that. Suffice to say, I've witnessed it countless times, so if you want to call me a liar on an internet forum, there's nothing more to be said.
Again, it's on your server and this is Argonessen. Now that I know that you are not even from our server, I really couldn't care less what players or guilds do that on your server.

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No matter how many artificial rules you put in place, if there's an advantage to be had by going around them, directly to the source then someone will do it and get ahead in doing so, just as in the real world.
You have a problem, I see. Let me state again what Kanttura just said: this is not real world. And this is not your server.