I've noticed a disturbing trend lately where people start offering stuff in exchange for raidloot while it's sitting in the chest.

My problem with this is twofold. First of all, it lets those who have and are willing to spend money to spend on the game get their loot faster than those who can't or refuse to do so. After all, if someone's willing to drop an otto's box to get what they want, what chance do those who can't match the offer have?

My secondary problem is with the sense of camarderie. As more loot is sold, less is put up for roll for anyone else who might want to make use of the item. Thus, raiding feels less like a fun activity done in a big group and more a business venture in which everyone's trying to make plat out of each other while gearing their characters.

Now finally, I'd like to argue that letting other people make offers for your loot is bad for the game as a whole. Some might say that discreetly selling raidloot is no big deal. For example, if Richard the Rogue offers an otto's box in a tell to Larry the Lucky Looter for an Agony and Larry accepts, nobody else will see anything except Larry passing the Agony to Richard. Passing loot is a whole other bag of worms which I won't go into here, but this transaction is easily disguised as helping out a friend. The problem with this activity is that it sends a message to both Richard & Larry that selling loot is ok. Once enough people get this impression, we'll start seeing people trying to auction their raid loot as they pull it. I for one, would not want to raid in such an environment, and thus a clear message should be sent to those who're trying to buy or sell raid loot that it's not ok, they're bad people and they should feel bad.

Where did the good ol' days of rolling for the loot you want go?

Tl;dr: Whine about raidloot selling, one appeal to equality and one slippery slope argument against raidloot selling.