Looking for:

Ottos' Boxes
Level 25 Globe of Imperial Blood
Convalescent (10,20,30%) Bracers of Superior Parrying with a yellow slot or med/large guild augment slot if such an item exists yet.
Astral Shards to guild ship vendor

Plat will be used to round out trades only.

Items for Trade:

EPIC ELITE - I have multiples of some
- Kardin's Eye
- Belt of the Seven Ideals
- Gloves of the Forgotten Craft
- Jeweled Cloak
- Girdle of Giant's Brawn
- Giantcraft Sibery's Compass
- Ring of Shadows
- Spiked Boots
- Shadowmail
- Bronze Ingot Arcanum
- Intricate Field Optics (Cha +8)
-Intricate Field Optics (Int +8)
- Great Axe of the Chained Soldier
- Adamantine Knuckles
- Helm of the Blue Dragon (Insight Wis +3)
- Silver Ingot Arcanum
- Allegience
- Tortured Livewood Bow
- The Turmoil Within
- Arcing Sky
- Chill of Winter

- Death's Locket
- Helm of the White Dragon (Insightful Con +3)
- Treads of the Falling Shadow
- Nether Grasps
- Ancient Band
- Iron Beads
- Jorgundal's Collar
- The Mountain's Fist
- Madstone Skull Orb
- Firebreak
- Wall of Wood

- Spiked Boots
- Dream Visor

Other Items:
- Planar Focus of Subterfuge (Insightful Wis + 3)
- Planar Focus of Subterfuge (Wisdom +8)
- Seal of House Dun'Robar (Insightful con +2, exc combat mastery +5)
- Seal of House Szind (Char +7)
- Seal of House Szind (Insightful Int +2)
- Spider Spun Caparison (any stat - can upgrade for you)
- Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (any stat - can upgrade for you)
- Stone Heart (any stat)
- Planar Focus of Prows (Str +8)
- Doublecross Bow
- Grave Wrappings
- +6 Magnetism Dagger of Enchantment Mastery (+3 major ench focus)
- +6 Magnetism Scepter of Evocation Mastery (+3 major evoc focus)
- +6 Glaciation Scepter of Enchantment Mastery (+3 major ench focus)
- +6 Magnetism Scepter of Electric Mastery
- Ogre Power +8 Bracers of Repairing +13 with medium guild augment slot
- Ring of the Ancestors

I'll check back every few days to see if there is any interest. You can contact me via PM on this site or in-game @ Slarden or Owlander which are the two toons I am usually on when playing.

I may transfer this post to my real account if I can get logged on with it. Whatever I don't sell by next weekend goes to the AS Auction House or the plat Auction House. I need to make some room.

Thank you.