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    Default Starting a Static Group-Go Ahead 'n' Twink.

    So I've been looking for a good Twink and Zerg allowing static group that plays when I can, but I could never find one, so I'm gonna start it up. Rules: 1) Twinking is acceptable, and recommended, but NOT required. 2) Zerging will be done on many if not most quests, but there are a few (eg Info is Key or Bloody Crypt) that I personally run quickly, but with full breakable bonus. Splitting up will occur, so self-suffieciency is definitely a plus. 3) Please be at least 14, and moderately low swearing is prefferable. I don't care about little instances, but if there's more than 1 swear every other sentence, I will remove you from the group after a warning. 4) No one in my group is essential enough to be safe from removal. I don't care who you are or what your role is, I will boot you just as quickly as someone with less necessity. 5) People will offer build advice. Great, take it if you want, don't if you don't want to. As long as your character works and is effective, I don't care. Catchup is allowed, ah, vendors, and store is allowed. Elite or hard streak will be used, group preference. Farming will happen. No race or class restrictions, if there's no healer, become self sufficient, and buy pots. Side notes: I would like someone with an alt who can craft for us, provided we give him ingredients, and we will not be farming more for TRs, until we all are. TRs are permitted to catch up, but not exceed us in level and rank. I would also like people with flagged altos so we can red door quests with aggravating flaggers. Lots of premium content will be used. Starting lvl is 7, rolled up new or advanced that far. Server is for vote, day is Sunday 3 PM CST (4 PM EST, 8 PM GMT) until 2 of us are gone or need to go, dinner break will be included, don't worry. PM me for application or post on this thread. Also forgot to add that ship buffs are allowed, and I will accept new players, but be good enough at the game to know what's going on.
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