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    Default Looking to start a static group!

    I am looking to start a static group that meets *hopefully* 3 times a week or more. Time, date, and whether or not this is possible can be worked out by the members.

    1.Nothing is required. voice chat, adventure packs, 32 point etc. are all wonderful, but not required. We will only be doing a p2p quest if everyone has it or someone is willing to buy passes.

    2.We will not be zerging, that is not to say that we will explore every nook and cranny (that will be decided on a quest by quest basis by the group) but the goal is to stay together and have fun.

    3.Minimal farming/repeating a quest.

    4. We will generally attempt to complete every f2p quest in the game. These quests should be done at level or one below. We will never do a quest above level.

    5.Be nice and have fun

    6.There are no restrictions on builds or classes. Hopefully we can get an even spread to cover all of our bases, but if the cleric if up front fighting, that is completely his/her choice. I am willing to build pretty much any character to fill in any gaps.

    7.Know the rules, follow the rules.

    8.No twinking, buying from vendors is fine, but no mailing items from a capped toon, and no AH. Hopefully we can start on a server with no preexisting characters.

    Those who are interested should PM me. A first come first served policy

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    Default One spot filled

    One spot has been filled.

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