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    Lightbulb Guild Improvement Hotlist

    Hello, everyone.

    After reading a lot about the issues concerning Guilds, I decided to wander around the forums and make a sort-of-permanent topic about Guilds. We should keep in mind that this list of ideas was not created by me alone, but by the community in the Forums. More will be added from comments.

    We believe that Guilds are nesting places for new players, improvement sources for medium players and source of good mechanics for high-leveled players. With these concepts in mind, here are the ideas:

    Guild Mechanics

    • Guild Renown revamp.
    • Customizable Hierarchy with defined powers: invite, expell, promote, buy ammenities, etc.
    • Guilds influence Economy: Auction items that are bought from same-guild friends are not debited the standard amount of the Platinum; only 20%, not 30%.
    • Guild Level Announcement is a lazy little button for a great event. Customize it or make it better: flags in the Marketplace, fireworks over Harbor, moonlight sonata at Phiarlan, etc.
    • Gathering Platinum: Donation Box available as an Airship Amenitiy, open to receive Platinum from visitors. Money gathered that way would be available for pre-defined members who could only spend it in new ammenities or ship upgrading.
    • A standard amount (no higher than 10%) of the Gold and Platinum found in Treasure Chests goes automatically to the Guild Donation Box, as an Optional Feature.
    • Alliances: General Chat between the participating Guilds and open Airships among them. Customizable.
    • Guild/Alliance reserved Grouping on the same window as others, but with notification or invisible to others.
    • Guild Leaders can see an ID for each account, so he can know which character belongs to whom.
    • Guild Leaders can see Guild Renown contributed.
    • Better Airship division: it's too spread from guild level 55 to 80.
    • No more spamming level 1 characters with crazy Guild Invites.


    • Guild Message Board. Or even small forum.
    • Partnership with TeamSpeak or even Raidcall for in-game conversations.

    Ships and Homes

    • A private Dojo for the guild, as in Lammania, where a private instance could be generated - to try spells, feats, show off. The Dojo would be customized by the person generating it (monsters, scenario, level). Everything from house Phiarlan's illusions, with love. (and in-game history based.)
    • Teleport to the Airship.
    • General Vendor or Weekly-reset Broker.
    • Spirit Binder aboard.
    • Rest shrine aboard.
    • Striding Amenity - non-stacking.
    • Avatar of Blessings - With all Favor-related blessings from all Houses and Spirit Binders.
    • Uniform Buff - an Armor Skin applied for 1h for everyone who wants it. Customizable.
    • Change Energy Resistance to Energy Abstorption (% based. Makes high-level worthy and doesn't break low-level quests.)
    • Barkeep with exotic-better-food and a shirt.
    • Guild Buffs should stack.


    • Offline players appear as NPCs on the boat.
    • Named boats / Nameplates.
    • Other kinds of Guild spaces: towers, sewers, open fields, etc.
    • Guild Hierarchy can be seen by everyone - mainly Leader and Officers - with a small Crown and Shields. Customizable. Can be turned off.
    • A single Icon for all Ship buffs with a common timer (uncrowds the buffs bar.) On Mouse Over you can see specification.
    • Better placement of ammenities (fire that Feng-Shui master that designed them in the first place). More open spaces, less cramped hallways and small doorways.
    • Change Airship background. Customizable. You fall off to that place.


    • Airship Dialogue window is still open when you leave the Airship.
    • 'Usurp' button not showing/not working.
    • Players who have turned off "Accept Guild Invites" will still receive emailed invitations.
    • The DDO Store version of the Small Guild Chest incorrectly only allows Officers or Leaders to access the chest.
    • Fix the ship colors.
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