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    Default Advice for Monk Halfelf Build Please

    I edit because I did some research on the monk class and found a build for new players to test.

    I found I also have access to the druid class and want to try one too. Only content I don't have access to is favor soul and drow.

    Originally I wanted to mix rogue skills with monk but not really sure if that is a good mix, but if you have a build to advice please do.

    BTW I've no idea how I got this forum name but can't figure out how to change it. Advice?
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    If you're going half-elf, you definitely want to use the half-elf rogue dilettante for the extra sneak attack damage. I wouldn't advise splashing for trap skills personally, as a monk you'll have great saves and improved evasion at level 9, at which point you can just ignore most traps altogether, and you won't get much other benefit from the splash. Even if you did go for trap skills, you'd be starved on skill points because a monk needs STR DEX CON and WIS, leaving very few points left for INT.

    For a bare-bones 32 point monk build it'd go something like this:

    Level 20 monk

    Starting Stats:
    STR 16 (level ups go here) (min +1 tome)
    DEX 16 (min +2 tome)
    CON 14
    INT 8
    WIS 14
    CHA 8

    Stunning Fist
    Two Weapon Fighting
    Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    Power Attack
    Dodge (Ninja spy pre-requisite)
    Improved Critical: Bludgeoning
    Great Cleave
    (Epic lvl24) Overwhelming Critical
    + One misc feat of choice

    For a 28 point build, take two points out of STR, (But you'll need a +3 STR tome by the upper epic levels to get overwhelming critical) DEX must be at 18 to get the best "Way of Air" stance (your dps stance)

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