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    Post Interesting Admin/Name change bug.

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    I requested the players use of names for public appearances and the assistance they provided me with testing the issue. OK, so in the first picture the guild member i was talking has incorrectly typed an "L" character as the last letter of my name. Who cares? Well the interesting part is the letter "L" character was included in my name before. Now the gender of my robot has now been fixed through the use of 1 lesser reincarnation. Turbine issued myself and every player on the server a free lesser heart of wood awhile back so i used it as necessary. I tried submitting a ticket to have the issue fixed with my name. However, because i did not purchase any points within the 30 day period required to receive in-game support i was unable to receive a fix. Knowing this, I still buy points and have recently, I also attempted to submit a ticket but was unable get any assistance with the gumptious box which provided me with with the a helpful error message. So my question is? May I have the letter "L" character reinstated at the end of my name? purchased To clarify, The Name should read "Technological Warfare" not "Technologica".

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    Finally, This issue seems to present this particular character with a ADMIN + text when receiving messages after someone includes the additional letter L. This name change was also purchased originally using a Name Parchment which i also purchased from the ddo store. I'm aware the name i purchased using the in-game store probably exceeds standard limitations for the description of the avatar. However, if the issue would be easier to resolve I would like my money back from when i originally changed the name from Shadowspelll to Technological for obviously refunding a neglected problem and failing to deliver an item a consumer has paid for. Thank you for your time!

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    In b4 you get permabanned for "exploiting".

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    Post Reporting a bug?

    Not sure where i crossed the line of exploitation in game? I only discovered this bug today on accident when someone sent me a tell and I asked that person how they did it? It turns out they had no idea they were doing it either. With that being said, I have no intentions of using such faulty coding for any beneficial purposes what so ever or any bugs for that matter. I've reported the issue via forums because the ticket system in-game is and has been down for an extended duration. By reporting such issue, i will and have already done my best to make sure you and any forum user know my intentions in this post are to inform "big brother here"that I have no desire of violating a very clear code of conduct and advise a solution be implemented. I will also reiterate again, i pointed this accidental discovery out with the intentions of receiving a fix and by reporting this problem i have done everything i can by contributing in a productive and formal manner about advising of the current situation.
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    I'll post a TL;DR and you'll tell me if it is correct because your OP is very confusing and unclear:

    There was a problem with your name change, now the tells you receive show as Admin.

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    Default Sorry.

    1. When someone adds an additional letter to my name that was orginally there before the tell shows up as an admin message.

    2. I requested a fix.
    The man who can read but chooses not too is no better than the man who cannot read.-I forgot
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