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    I thnk they need to finally make air spells. Not lightning and storm but actual air/wind spells like cyclone so we can be air and not just magnetism based. Then maybe some new items to go with it. for other mage types like how that one helm has magnetism90 and necro 90. Some air/magnetism or other air combos.

    They are much more potentially clever spells for letting others in a group get advantage already with just the two already. They would be invaluable as a spell set for group and other work.

    We already have the other elementals from 2nd AD&D magic book of elemental magics. Why not air! You could then make storm too and do a combo up to air/magnet/cold or other combos for various types of weather mages. Or an uber weather mage for those who work for it or something. Depending on desired type and playstyle.

    Pure air spells like cyclone or stuff would be awesome. Not a summoned elemental but a cyclone that moves around the room doing air damage and lifting etc. That type of thing. If ther was room I would love the all powerful air sphere but it requiresyou be a mile in the air or it pops. 8p But there is a lot of potential. could you imagine leting a small tornadoe in a cave. It coudl even suck up freindlies but with no damage maybe(to your allies atleast). Unless they fall too far or something. could be cool. Might be good for melees. They get a free ride to the targets and get to fight in a whirlwind. Imagine combining that with Melees with whirlwind attack. Could make some new and very cool fighting styles depending on the spells they implement!

    At that point you could implemnet a new damage type for forward movment or being slung that would even make feather fall useless, except on landing maybe... Bash/colision damage. Literally damage hitting objects or objects hitting you past a certain speed and getting past your AC etc. Maybe feather fall slows down the speed for potentially less damage depending on variables.

    The potential just keeps going. It could cover every other area of potential combat you can't currently do. I doubt you could think of half of them. Especially with a very physically oriented theme like the above mentioned example. Lots of fun for everyone!

    can you imagine a whirlwind spell htat casts around your characters from the waiste down and gives a new type of added movement bonus. Plus immunity to weather/air pulls, possibly. or let you choose to jump in them and fly with them by jumping or something and maybe a way to land by jumping again in air(Possibly fly literally and possibly letting yourself fly with the winds of the previously mentioned tornadoe spell etc lots of control of the wind affect for different desired affects as you want them.). Who knows. Maybe it could even have a repellent affect on ground units. Or that could be going too far. Maybe that could be another spell you could cast that could be used with it if desired. Take anythig you can think of turn it into spells.

    I know what else! Psionics and all the other cool stuff from 2nd ed AD&D! they are already doing wild magic somewhat. Why not go all out and make it all! It could be a Forgoten realms pack or something.

    I'll write more if I can think of anything else.
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