I posted this elsewhere also, but this seems like a forum more dedicated to this sort of thing.

I'ld like to see an improved "clickie" interface, or at least more options. Is there some way to organize the quickslot bars better? Some ideas:
a. A wheel of some sort that you see in other games that you could slot some of your more frequently used clickies. Maybe you hit a certain key (or mouse button if you have one with extra programmable buttons), it pulls up the wheel and you use the scroll wheel to cycle through them quickly and select.
b. I think I would like some visual representation of my keyboard (or a standard keyboard set-up). Instead of having quickslot "bars," I have an option of pulling up the quickslot "keyboard" representation. It would have standar bound keys already slotted such as A,S, D, W for movement, but for any unbound key you can drag drop icons into empty key slots and then just press that key to activate it. I understand that you can accomplish close to the same thing by binding keys to particular quickbar locations, but I want it to be more simple and most importantly I want it to be visually more obvious where the bindings are. It would be great if the keys could be identified with what they are. What I mean is that I somehow see a small "M" next to the "M" key slot that holds the clickie. That woudl make it easier for me to look and go, "that's right, "M" is my remove poison clickie! I realize that for some who have small monitors, such a potentially large interface element would not be appealing, so I wouldn't suggest removing the ability to continue to do things just like today, but this would be a great additonal option. Maybe it could also have an option to make it semi-transparent.