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    Default Website Work Update

    Greetings! We wanted to provide an update on our progress regarding forum and website issues as it stands this evening:

    • We have made adjustments tonight to help mitigate the website time out issue. This fix is temporary, but should greatly reduce the frequency of the dropped sessions. We will be implementing some more changes to resolve any lingering time out issues.
    • Work continues to assist players with forum name issues. We have identified the following migration issues, and work arounds until the fixes are deployed:
      • If your country is not selected in (specifically the "Select Country" field in the drop down list) this can cause an error message when you attempt to log into the site. You do not need to select US/Canada as the country in - additionally we are working to add the rest of the country options in the web UI to correspond to the options in myaccount
      • Players with extremely long passwords may experience issues when logging into the site even though the game launcher accepts the password. While we are working to correct this issue, keeping the password length to 16 characters can help to mitigate the issue until our fix is deployed.

    • Some forum names did not migrate properly, and we are working to repair these accounts with a deployment next week. If you are submitting a ticket regarding a lost or incorrect forum name, please include "Forum Name Migration Error" in the subject of your ticket so we can ensure that it is routed to the correct team members who are already working on the issue (if you already submitted a ticket you don't need to resubmit).
    • Yellow-on-white text and alignment issues are currently in the process of being repaired. We will also be introducing some less.... demonwebby backgrounds.
    • Character Copy for the Lamannia Beta Server is back at it's new URL! Log into the site and visit (you must be logged in to use it). Important Character Copy notes:
      • If you have not played your character for a very long time, it may not appear in the available list. Logging the character in can help the character copy tool find your character (it may take up to 24 hours for the character to appear).
      • Characters with very recent re-names may experience errors when attempting to copy
      • Wayfinder characters may experience errors when attempting to copy
      • You may see previously deleted characters in your available character list

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to resolve these issues!
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