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    Quote Originally Posted by NaturalHazard View Post
    Will a caster type bard ever be viable? .

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    You would think, with extra variation in builds there would be a lot of extra profit in keeping older players by giving them a bunch of new things to try.
    Casters should be able to multiclass too!
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    I was going to come back for the enhancement pass on the 19th because from what I've read, the Henshin Mystic would be my ideal character. I was checking the forums to ask if the ki stuff this PrE casts is metamagic'able, but then I stumbled here.

    I see threads like this all the time, or at least I used to.

    You know, I think the real problem is that Turbine is really, really understaffed, so they keep releasing things that are saying "We're still here, here's an update to keep you busy while it takes us such a long time to fix or release anything"
    Every other game is constantly updating and releasing new things, and they're puffing along trying to just release ANYTHING, because they don't have the staff to regularly pump out updates.
    I remember when the servers were down for days. It's not the first time it's happened. Servers don't go down for that long unless something happened to the data center itself, or they don't have the man-power to get it done, and with management screaming down their throats as well it makes it really difficult.

    While I don't think they're making the best decisions, I also believe that their higher ups really don't care about this little niche project in the slightest, so they're kind of just stumbling around in the dark trying new things and using us as the focus group.

    On that related note:
    Is it worth it to come back? I still have ~3k TP and I miss the gameplay.
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